the goal

Our goal is to use the arts to create the best opportunity for people to connect with Christ.

worship arts philosophy

The practices and focus of our worship arts ministry are purpose-based and derived from a combination of sources. The most important source is the Bible. In addition to the Bible, several other resources are used in our ministry to encourage the believer as well as reach the unchurched. The purposes of the church are eternal and exist regardless of the changing culture or societal perspectives; however, the arts, culture, and societal perspectives are taken into account and used as tools to communicate the eternal truths of God's word.

The Worship Arts Ministry at Delta Christian Church will strive to:

1. Be organized simply (Ephesians 4:11 and 12)

2. Reach out (Matthew 5:15 and 16)

3. Have contemporary worship that is designed to help us focus our hearts on God.

Current worship arts ministry participants can access music, service plans and music examples through Planning Center using the link provided here: Planning Center