• Eric duncan



    Being a husband and father is a blessing that I thank God for often.  I have a wonderful wife and 4 great kids.  We love to do most things outdoors; camp, hike, paddle board, snow board, etc.  We love cooking and eating great food and we love playing games and spending time with friends and family.  God has surrounded us with many blessings!

    Accepting the call to step into the Senior Minister position has been very rewarding.  I enjoy studying each week and sharing the message God has given me with our church family.  I enjoy growing in relationships with our church family members.  And I enjoy coming along side our families to grow closer to God together.  Serving our God in this capacity is a treasured gift.

    Being a Student Minister is much more than giving a lesson at Youth Group once a week.  It is the opportunity to grow closer to students through various activities and encounters throughout the year.  This closeness is where we gain the respect of the student and where they allow us to speak into their lives.  It is the result of those two aspects that makes delivering a lesson at Youth Group valuable.  I am very honored to be in the position that I can grow close to students while helping them grow close to our wonderful Creator. I have also been blessed in the fact that my wife and children get to grow in that experience with me.

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  • Kirsten Alsdorf


    I believe that God has a plan for each and every one of us and that when we are working within that plan, allowing Him to coach us, amazing things happen.  I have been blessed to be a part of God's plan here at DCC for the last 18 years.
    Becoming a mom through adoption has allowed me to see a glimpse of God's heart for His children.  I believe there is a constant tug at His heart for each and every one of His children to choose Him.  I feel privileged to have a small part in the adoption process!
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  • trudy henderson



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