Milestone(n) an event or celebration preceded by a period of instruction by the parent and church working together in partnership.

  • Milestone 1 - The birth of a baby

    The first opportunity that new parents have to learn what it means to train up a child in the Lord and to bring up disciples.  Parents will learn the importance of their unique parenting roles and what it means to be the spiritual leaders of their children. This milestone celebration is done with a Baby Dedication/Commitment to Parenting.

  • Milestone 2 - Faith commitment

    Most children ask Jesus to be their Savior between the ages of 5 and 13.  We hope to partner with parents in the years before then so that every parent is prepared to lead their child to Christ.  Learning how to lead faith talks, prayer , see God in every day situations and answer kids questions.  The Celebration happens every time a child accepts Jesus as their Savior and is baptized.

  • milestone 3 - Preparing for adolescence

    With the understand that this milestone can be full of awkward conversations we want to team with parents to help them keep their relationships open and talking and let's be honest, see the humor in the awkward.  We understand that as children's bodies begin to change we want to make sure they understand that their Identity in Christ never changes.  Team up and be encouraged by other parents who have already walked through this crazy bit of road.  Celebration for this comes in the form of a weekend retreat for parent and child.

  • Milestone 4 - Commitment to purity

    This milestone comes right on the heels of Milestone 3.  We continue talks on identity in Christ and have serious talks with our kids about healthy relationships and accountability as well as learning about  Biblical standards for purity, sex and intimacy.  The Celebration for this is a Purity Ring Celebration.

  • milestone 5 - passage to adulthood

    For this milestone we shoot for age 16, but each set of parents will know when their teen is ready.  This milestone is achieved when teens have a working understanding of their spiritual growth.  Students know their spiritual gifts and are using them to serve their Lord.  They also know the basic doctrine of their faith.  The celebration for this milestone is a ceremony that marks rite of passage.

  • milestone 6 - High school graduation

    So many things to learn before kids leave home;  We want to make sure that our students can defend their faith and have an understanding of God's plan for their life.  This is a great year to develop life skills and having the serious conversations regarding dating and marriage.  The celebration is a Senior night of blessings.

  • Milestone 7 - life in Christ

    This milestone is one that we all are achieving.  By developing an authentic faith, with prayer, scripture and accountability we are obedient followers, disciple-makers, giving/serving in our church and community.