2017-18 lesson series & schedule --- this page is updated periodically

This lesson schedule for school year beginning August, 2017 is in the works.  Check back later for more information.  This page will be updated as needed, or check out our student Facebook page for updates.

  • read your bible all year long!  here is the plan...

    If we all follow this bible reading plan throughout the school year we can get more out of the bible by synchronizing our study and sharing!  This plan will get us all the way from cover to cover by end of school.  You can download it in Excel format or as a PDF file right here.


    Youth Group starts back up this week. High School will meet on Sunday from 6:30 to 9:00 and Middle School on Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30. This week will be about getting reacquainted with each other after a busy summer and welcoming newcomers. We will talk about what this year will look like, some expectations and goals, and we'll have a bit of fun, too!! Make sure you check it out!

  • september 3 & 6 - NO YOUTH GROUP

    Monday is Labor Day, so we will not be meeting this week.  We'll be ramping up next week with regular Youth Group.

  • september 10 & 13 - CAN I TRUST THE BIBLE?

    The short answer is YES!  But we will explore evidentiary reasons that may reinforce our belief in the Bible.

  • september 17 & 20 - tRIBAL CAMPS

    Let's talk about tribal camps and what the Bible teaches.  Refer to your Bible in the book of Numbers, chapters 2 & 3.

  • September 24 & 27 - fix our eyes

    We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.  Because of the joy awaiting Him, He endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now He is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne.

  • october 1 & 4 - bible study tips

    Let's explore ways to better explore and understand the Bible.

  • october 8 & 11 - no youth group

    Fall break.  No youth group this week.

  • october 15 & 18 - corn maze

    Contact Eric for more info.

  • october 22 & 25 - book of ruth

    Book of Ruth

  • october 29 & november 1 - movie night

    "Queen of Katwe"


    DCC is hosting a DESSERT AUCTION where the students will make and donate the desserts to be auctioned off during a Pot-Luck lunch right after church service.  The proceeds from this auction will go to send Bibles to Syria.

  • November 5 & 8 - personal bible study

    This week is "Personal Bible Study" week.  You are going to look at 1 Samuael 15 and see how, even though Saul was Israel's first king, his reign as king comes to an end as he is rejected by God.  Plan on reading the section ahead of time to get familiar with it and the surrounding passages.  I'll have some questions and tips planned to help you along.  Make sure you bring your Bible this week.

  • November 12 & 15 - evolution

    Clay Speas, a biologist for the Forest Service, will be our Guest Speaker this month to discuss Evolution and being a Christian.

  • november 19 & 29 - "The last king of israel"

    2 Kings 17 is where we land this week.  We'll look at the last king of Israel and how the nation was exiled because of sin.

  • november 22 & 26 - no youth group

    With all the turmoil happening in our lives, take this opportunity to spend time with loved ones and friends.  Be thankful that you people in your life that you care about and a God that loves you unconditionally.

    NOTICE:  We are breaking for Thanksgiving differently this year so note the dates!

  • December 3 & 6 - personal bible study

    This week's personal Bible Study is on 1 Chronicles 17 "God's Promise to David."  Feel free to read over the chapter (and possibly more of the story) before coming to YG.  We'll discuss the chapter and see what stands out and what important pieces we can take away.

  • December 9 - Kids with a king performance

    KWAK performance of "A Star is Born" will start at 7:00pm with doors open at 6:10pm.

  • december 10 - no high school youth group

    Today is the Annual Ladies' Tea.  There is no Youth Group tonight, but the ladies (teens and moms or other significant women in your life) are encouraged to take part in the Tea.  Feel free to call the church for more information, or to sign up.  Gentlemen are encouraged to help serve the ladies tonight.  We usually make the desserts and serve them to the ladies.  If you want to help with this, please let Pastor Eric know (and be prepared to dress for the occasion!)

  • december 13 & 17 - Christmas party!!!

    Come and join the fun!  It's Christmas Party time (Middle School on the 13th and High School on the 17th)!!  We will have lots of snacks and games going on with a fun gift exchange game.  Bring a $10-$15 quality gift to take part in the exchange.  If you can't bring a gift, show up anyway and let me know you don't have a gift... it won't be a big deal.  I don't want anyone to be left out because they couldn't afford a gift.  Regular Youth Group times still apply.

  • December 24 - Christmas eve service

    Join us at DCC for our Christmas Eve service from 5:30-6:30pm.

  • december 20 thru january 3 - christmas break

    No Youth Group during Christmas Break.  Enjoy time with your family and friends!  See you back the week of January 7th.

    We thank God that the Christ Jesus was born to save us from our sins.  Emanuel from the Hebrew, "God is with us."

  • January 7 & 10 - personal bible study

    We will be exploring Psalm 33.

  • January 14 & 17 - does god discriminate against women?

    "Does God discriminate against women?"  We'll look at some examples of how God does, or does not, discriminate against women.

  • January 21 & 24 - song of solomon

    This is a very contradictory book.  We are not going to go deeply into it, be we are going to look at some symbolism and how it is a book that just shows love in a visual way.

  • January 28 & 31 - importance of quiet time

    We are going to slow down, even if for just a little bit, to see how it is so important to spend some quiet time with God.

  • February 4 & 7 - personal bible study

    We will explore Isaiah 55.


    Today is going to be a fun day.  The Harlem Wizards are going to be playing against a team made up of many teachers, faculty, and administration from multiple schools and offices around Delta.  Come enjoy a community event being put on by DHS Student Council and head at Delta High School.  You can buy tickets at DHS or www.HarlemWizards.com.  Our Youth Group will be running the Souvenir Table to earn money for our Summer Conference; so make sure you stop by and say "Hi."

  • February 11 & 14 - DOES GOD REALLY LOVE ME?

    This week we are going to look at a question that most of us have asked at one time or another.  Valentine's Day is this week, so we'll look into God's Word and find the answer to the question, "Does God Really Love Me?"

  • February 18 & 21 - no youth group

    Winter break.  Enjoy!

  • February 25 & 28 - "The Case for christ"

    Have you ever wondered about Jesus?  An atheist journalist wondered what the big deal was and went searching to disprove his wife's new-found faith and the idea of a supreme being.  What he found turned him into a strong believer in Jesus.  His name is Lee Strobel and he wrote the book, "The Case for Christ."  This book was turned into a movie and this week we will watch the story of his amazing journey in the movie, "The Case for Christ."  We'll have fresh popcorn, drinks, and a few other snacks; so bring your friends and your sweatpants as we settle in for a great story.

  • March 4 & 7 - personal bible study

    We will be exploring Ezekiel 43:1-12.

  • March 11 & 14 - god's forgiveness

    Can I do something so bad that God won't forgive me?

  • March 18 & 21 - zechariah

  • March 25 & 28 - all things new - spring time

  • April 1 thru April 11 - no youth group

    Easter Sunday is on April 1st this year.  But you're no fool to believe in Christ!  He has risen!  He has risen, indeed!  Happy Easter and enjoy your spring break.  No Youth Group on April 1, 4, 8 & 11.

  • April 15 & 18

    To be announced.

  • April 22 & 25

    To be announced.

  • April 29 & May 2

    To be announced.

  • May 6 & 9 - bar-b-que

    Come celebrate our past year of Youth Group with a big ol' BBQ party!

  • may 23 - dhs graduation

  • date? - our first summer activity

    Date and activity to be announced.  Come join the summer fun.

  • june 3 thru 8 - middle school camp

    Details to be announced.

  • july ? - high school conference

    Details to be announced.  This year is our year to alternate with a youth conference for highschoolers instead of a mission trip.

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