archive - lesson series & schedule 2018-2019

This page contains the lesson series for the current school year.  The lesson series for the current month will be added as soon as it is set, or around the first of each month, so check back each month!  Also, there is a link to an archive of prior years' lesson plans if you are interested in seeing what we've been about.  Enjoy!

  • August 26 & 29 - welcome to youth group 2018-2019!

    Time to start Youth Group again for this school year.  High School will meet on Sundays from 6:30 to 9:00 and Middle School on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30. This week will be about getting reacquainted with each other after a busy summer and welcoming newcomers. We will talk about what this year will look like, some expectations and goals, and we'll have a bit of fun, too!! Make sure you check it out!

  • monthly schedule

    We're doing something a little different this year.  Each week of the month will be dedicated to a particular type of lesson or evening.  Here is the general plan for the year for each month:

    * 1st week of the month - Crossroads Assisted Living (6:45-7:45)

    * 2nd week of the month - Message on Bible Reading Plan

    * 3rd week of the month - Possible student leading - devotional, written message, etc.

    * 4th week of the month - Seasonal or topical lesson

    * 5th week of the month - You'll find out with the monthly newsletter!

    A more detailed description of each month's lesson will be available around the first of each month.  So see below for more information and stay tuned each month!

  • september 2 & 5 - crossroads night

    We will be spending the evening playing games sharing life with the residents at Crossroads Assisted Living Center in Delta.  We will still meet at 6:30pm but we will leave the church at 6:35pm so don't be late.  We'll be at Crossroads from 6:45-7:45, then head back to DCC for snacks, games, and to talk about the evening.  This has the potential for being a great growing experience for all of us.  (This will be a monthly outing)

  • September 9 & 12 - lesson night

    This week will be a discussion based on the book of Genesis.  Kim will be leading this week!

  • september 16 & 19 - student-led devotions

    Eric has asked the students to step up and help lead each other this year.  Each month, a student will be presenting a short message or devotion to the group.  Afterwards, we will break up into smaller groups and discuss it a little further.

  • september 23 & 26 - see you at THE POLE

    See you at the pole day.  Students will gather together on Wednesday, September 26th at 7:00am around the flag pole, at the school of their choice, to join in prayer.  There will be a party that evening (Weds) from 7:00pm to 8:00pm at Rivers Church (former Assembly of God) in Delta.  All High School and Middle School students are invited!  This will be instead of normal Middle School YG this week.  Doors open at 6:30pm. Hope to see you there! 

  • september 30 & october 3 - crossroads night

    We will be spending the evening playing games sharing life with the residents at Crossroads Assisted Living Center in Delta. We will still meet at 6:30pm but we will leave the church at 6:35pm so don't be late. We'll be at Crossroads from 6:45-7:45, then head back to DCC for snacks, games, and to talk about the evening. This has the potential for being a great growing experience for all of us. (This will be a monthly outing)

  • october 7 & 10 - fall break

    It’s time for a break. No school means no Youth Group. Enjoy your time with family and friends!

  • october 14 & 17 - amazing!!!

    It’s Corn Maze time!! Wear good shoes and bring $7, a jacket and a flashlight. We will leave

    DCC at 6:40 (do not be late). We will finish at our regular time (9:00 for H.S. & 8:30 for M.S.).

  • october 21 & 24 - Joshua

    We just finished the Book of Joshua in our Bible Reading plan this week. So, we will look a little

    deeper in to some details to get a better grasp of who Joshua was and what God did through him.

  • october 28 - student-led devotion

    Remi Mae Baldwin will be giving the Student Devotion for this month. I’m always excited to hear what

    God has put on the hearts of our students! Oh, and after Remi’s devotion, we’ll have an early Junk Food

    Appreciation Night… just like Middle School on Wednesday.

  • october 31 - junk food appreciation night

    It is Junk Food Appreciation Night!!  There are probably a lot of other things going on tonight, but in The

    Zone you have a safe, fun atmosphere to hang out with your friends. We’ll have lots of junk food, games, and

    fun… please don’t wear costumes. It would be helpful if you told me you are coming so I can have enough


  • November 4 & 7 - See you at yg

    Eric will be getting back from India at the beginning of this week.  When he left, he planned on being back with you guys at least by Wednesday.  Hopefully, jet lag will be over.

  • november 11 & 14 - i kings

    Discover what we are learning this week in our Bible reading.  Looks like we are heading into I Kings this week.

  • november 18 - high school yg is on!

    High school Youth Group is happening this week.  What are you Thankful for??

  • november 21 - no middle school yg this week

    Enjoy your Family time and be Thankful.

  • november 25 - no high school yg

    No High School Youth Group this week as we finish up Thanksgiving break.

  • november 28 - middle school yg is back on!

    Middle School Youth Group is back on again this week.  Come and be surprised!

  • december 2 & 5 - The christmas story

    Let's talk Christmas!  This week we'll look at the story of Christmas and maybe get a new perspective.

  • december 9 & 12 - christmas party!!!

    It's Christmas party time!  Bring a $5 to $15 wrapped gift.  We'll do a gift exchange game, have plenty of snacks, and have a good time together.  Tonight would be a great night to invite a friend.  If you or your friend can't afford a gift, that's okay.  I'll have a couple of extra gifts to throw in if we need to, so come and enjoy.

  • december 16 - ladies tea

    It's the annual Ladies' Christmas Tea.  Ladies, you are encouraged to enjoy the evening with the women in your lives.  Tickets are $5 and are available at the church.  You can call or stop by the office.  Gentlemen, you are encouraged to help us serve the ladies.  We will serve drinks and desserts to them at their tables this year... oh, and this is a great opportunity to dress nicely.

  • december 19 - High school & Middle School christmas caroling

    Let's go caroling!!  This is a HIGH SCHOOL & MIDDLE SCHOOL event.  Meet at DCC at 6:30.  We'll leave shortly after that and go around to a few pre-planned stops to share the Christmas Cheer.

  • december 23 & 26 - no youth group

    Christmas break, so no YG this week.

  • december 24 - christmas eve service

    The Delta Christian Church Christmas Eve service with be from 6:00-7:00.  Come help us worship our Lord and celebrate the birth of our Savior.

  • december 25 - christmas day

    Enjoy spending time with your family while celbrating the birth of Jesus!

  • december 30 & january 2 - no youth group

    Christmas break, so no YG this week.

  • january 6 & 9 - spiritual health - bible application

    This is the first week of our 8-week Series on Spiritual Health. This week we’ll be looking at James 1:22 (and others) and talk about Bible Application.

  • January 13 & 16 - spiritual health - character

    Our Spiritual Health topic for this week is Character. We’ll turn to Galatians 5:22-23 for our main reference, but we’ll look at others as well.

  • january 20 & 23 - spiritual health - evangelism

    This is always a scary topic, but we’ll talk through it this week and show we can apply the idea of sharing our faith others. Our main text will be Matthew 28:18-20.

  • january 27 & 30 - spiritual health - fellowship

    We are on week 4 of Spiritual Health and we’ll be looking at Fellowship with the main focus being on Hebrews 10:25.

  • february 3 - high school mission trip - information meeting

    Information meeting for the Hight School Mission Trip right after church (11:45am) in the Zone.

  • february 3 - no youth group

    Superbowl Sunday 53 is on today.  There will not be Youth Group tonight.  Enjoy the game with friends or family... or enjoy your friends and family without the game on! :)

  • february 6 & 10 - Spiritual health - giving

    We are halfway through our series on Spiritual Health.  This week we'll be looking at Giving and what God say's about it.  Our main passage will be 2 Corinthians 9:6-7.

  • february 13 - DODGE-BALL tournament

    Tonight’s Youth Group is going to be a bit different. The High School STUCO is putting on a dodge-ball tournament to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. We are going to support them. We’ll gather at DCC at the regular time (6:30) and then all go to the High School together.  Bring $2 to get in the door and maybe a couple bucks if you want snacks. You’ll be back to DCC by 8:30.

  • february 14 - valentine's day

    Don’t forget to show those special people that you love them.

  • february 17 & 20 - no youth group

    Winter break!!  No Youth Group this week.

  • february 21 - powderhorn

    We are going to Powderhorn to ski/snowboard. We’ll leave DCC at 7:47 and be back around 5:30. See the Newsletter for more information. If you are interested, I need to know in advance to get group discounted tickets and have enough rides.

  • february 24 & 27 - Communicating with god

    Communicating with God is so very important. Our topic this week, as we look at 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, is Prayer.

  • march 3 - dessert auction

    Today is our dessert auction fundraiser and potluck lunch after church. High School students are raising funds to go on a Mission Trip to St. Louis this summer. Come and join us for some great fellowship and food and to support a great cause.

  • march 3 & 6 - spiritual health - serving

    God calls us to do a lot of things, and sometimes we don’t know what God wants us to do. This week we will look at one of the things that we know God calls us to do.  That thing, is Serving . Our main text will be Matthew 28:18-20.

  • march 10 & 13 - spiritual health - worship

    This week we are finishing up our series on Spiritual Health. We will look at the idea of Worship and what that means for our lives.

  • march 17 & 20 - attitudes

    We are going to be talking about a few things that have to do with everyday choices for the next few weeks. The first week we will look at our ATTITUDES and how we should act on any given day.

  • march 24 & 27 - relationships

    The second week of everyday choices has to do with our RELATIONSHIPS. We’ll look into the book of Acts for some insight here.

  • march 31 & april 3 - forgiveness

    We get to talk about something that we have a hard time giving, but also feel like we often need. This week’s topic is FORGIVENESS.

  • april 7 - silent auction

    Today our Silent Auction Fundraiser ends after church. Make sure you get your bids in before church is over.

  • april 7 & 10 - gossip

    Gossip is a disease that plagues our society and our lives. We are going to look at God’s view of this infectious disease and see what we can do about it . Our main text will be Proverbs 20:19.

  • april 14 & 24 - joy!

    We are talking about Joy! How can we have joy in our lives and how can we find joy in the little things. We’ll look at Romans 15:13 this week.

  • april 17 & 21 - no youth group

    There is no Youth Group on these days because of Spring Break and Easter.   Enjoy your time with family and friends.

  • april 21 - easter sunday

    Today is Easter.  Jesus gave his life for ours!  Spend time with your family remembering the greatest gift and sacrifice. 

  • april 28 & may 1 - appearance

    As we move in to summer, we are going to look at our Appearance and what it means to God. We’ll look to 1 Samuel 16:7 and Matthew 23:25-26.

  • may 5 - graduating seniors celebration at dcc

    Today is the day we celebrate our Graduating Seniors in church. Come help us celebrate them as we send them off to the next chapter in their lives!

  • may 5 & 8 - party!  party!  party!

    This is our last Youth Group for the year and we’re going to have a party. Come and enjoy food and time with friends. We’ll eat and play games as we celebrate the end of school and the beginning of Summer. I will also have new Liability Waivers and the Summer Schedule available.

  • may 11 - kwac performance

    Kids With A King performance of Under God’s Sea. Doors open at 6:10, show starts at 7:00.

  • may 12 - mother's day

    Today is Mother’s Day. Celebrate the special women in your lives!!

  • may 20 - delta high school graduation

  • may 24 - last day of school

  • may 27 - memorial day

  • may 30 - first day of summer fun!!!

    Today is the first day of "Thrilling Thursdays,” our summer group activities!  Watch for info on this, and upcoming weekly events.

    Click or tap the picture to see the activity schedule.

  • archive of 2018-2019 lesson plans

    In case you are interested in seeing what we have studied in years past, feel free to peruse the archives of past years' lesson plans.