Making Lemonade

**It is hard to believe that our summer of Making Lemonade is over.  We have had so much fun with you all and so appreciate the way you helped to make the best of a crazy summer! 

While we are done with this summer stuff,  we are already trying to figure out how our school year will look with you!  While we wait to see what is happening the next couple of weeks we are also making plans on how we can still see you all!

Stay tuned here or on our facebook page: DCC Kids Konnection.  You will be able to see up to date info as well as how to register for the fantabulousness comng down the road!


To say that our summer plans have been changed by circumstances beyond our control would be putting it pretty lightly.  There are moments when we feel like this COVID19 and all it brings is a big bushel of lemons.  

So we will be looking for the good that God does through all of this and for that reason we will be "Making Lemonade" this summer.

In order to stay within state guidelines for activities with kids, we will be hosting kids in small groups for summer activities.  These small groups will meet on different mornings with different leaders.  Families will need to register each week for the week coming up.  This allows us to plan for supplies and allows you to pick and choose which activities your child is interested in.  You will be able to find the link to the registration forms below.  

Week 1, Fourth of July Celebration is in the books!  We had a great week.  Hope to see you again.

Week 2 is Outer Space.  (July 7th and 8th) We will be holding small groups on Tuesday for craft and science projects.  Kids will come home having completed several projects.  Cost for this day is $8.

Wednesday the 8th of July is ROCKETS for kids 3rd-5th grade.  They will be building and launching their own rocket.  We expect the launching to go long so plan on sending a sack lunch with your kids and picking them up at 12:30

Week 3 will be GAME week -   We will be playing games all morning long.  Inside and Outside, Wet and Dry, Messy and Clean.  Wear clothes than get wet and sunscreen!

There is a rumor of popsicles... and all this is free!  Please register below so we know who to plan on.

Week 4  (Tuesday, July 21st) will be Drive In Movie theme.  We will be designing our own cars, then watching a movie, complete with theater popcorn, candy and a drink (caprisun)  We will announce the movie here and on our facebook page.   Cost for this day is $5

Week 5 (Tuesday, July 28th) - We are hosting a Bike Rodeo.  We are going to close down the front parking lot and turn it into a Bike Park.  With courses, games, races and relays set just for your abilities!  When you need to cool down, take your bike through the bike wash or grab a sno-cone!  Cost is $5.  Rodeo begins at 9:30.  Please bring your helmet and any other protection wear you need!  (don't have a bike?  Trikes, Skateboards, Scooters and other wheeled rides are welcome!  (Please no hover-boards, electric or gas powered rides)

If you have questions you can call the church office, talk to Miss Kirsten or message us on our facebook page.  

We are looking forward to Making Lemonade with your kids this summer!